DMPL Podcast: Kali White, Author of 'The Monsters We Make'

Iowa author Kali White joins us on the newest edition of the DMPL Podcast. White's newest novel, The Monsters We Make, was released last month. It is set in Des Moines in the mid 1980s and is partially based on the real-life Des Moines Register paperboy disappearances of that time. You may know her from her previous works The Space Between and The Good Divide, which she wrote under the name Kali VanBaale.

White and host Aaron Gernes talk about the intense research White did for the novel to ensure its accuracy, as well as why she decided to write under a new pen name. 

NOTE: Spoilers for The Monsters We Make are discussed from 9:45-25:30.

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Published on September 01, 2020
Last Modified April 19, 2024