COMING SOON: Summer Reading Challenge

The 2024 Summer Reading Challenge starts Monday, June 3! Find more information on the program HERE, and learn all about our special Summer Reading Kickoff Party on June 2 HERE!

Book Chat: Let's Find Your Next Great Read

Book Chat

Let’s talk about books, Des Moines!

Book Chat is a Des Moines Public Library team of librarians who are here to start you off on your next reading journey. No matter what genre you read (or don’t read!) the Book Chat team will use its expertise to get the right books into your hands. So how does it work? Use our dedicated phone line or fill out the form below to get started!


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Click HERE and answer a few questions about yourself, your reading habits, and more, and we’ll reach out in 3-5 business days with some book suggestions. (We can also place books on hold for you to be picked up.)

Book a Librarian!

Love your Book Chat suggestions?  Why not have a Book Chat Librarian join your next Book Club and share suggestions tailored just for your group!  Just share a little bit about what your group loves to read and you’ll be paired with a staff member that will prepare book suggestions and join your group to talk books! 

Fill out THIS FORM and get started!

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