Central Art Gallery

Don't Ever Talk to Me

Feel Free to Float

Ethan Edvenson

September 6 - October 13th
Reception: September 22, 5 - 7pm, Central Library Art Gallery

Ethan Edvenson is an emerging artist from Des Moines, Iowa who creates mixed media drawings. He conveys individualism, humor, death, and eternity through gestural mark making, surreal imagery, and storytelling in his heavily layered pieces.

Edvenson graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2020 with a BFA in studio art and a minor in Art History. Since then, he has exhibited his work in many solo and group exhibitions around the Midwest while also working on a digital collage graphic novel.

Feel Free to Float is a collection of mixed media drawings made throughout the past two years. These pieces were chosen from various bodies of work which covered topics such as turning the known into the unknown, the pain, fear, and financial troubles dental hygiene may cause, and human ambition. Sprinkled with touches of humor, these drawings come together to represent stages of Edvenson’s thoughts, life moments, and progression both personally and artistically.

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Ethan Edvenson