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Summer Reading

ASL 2022

All Summer Long Returns!

All Summer Long is back! Visit library branches all summer long to take part in the Library's Summer reading program. 

This year's program is split into two components - one for newborns through 5th graders, and one for 6th-12th graders.

Registration is now underway at all DMPL locations and right here on the Summer Reading page. Pick up a copy of engage from your local library or check out our events page for a full list of programs.

How It Works

  • You get a new book just by signing up!
  • Each time you read for 20 minutes or complete a learning activity, cross off a space on your All Summer Long log.
    • Each log comes with a list of suggested activities, which are also listed below.
  • When you cross off all the spaces, return the completion slip to any of our library locations. You'll receive a small prize and be eligible for our grand prize drawing.
  • Slips must be returned by August 6 to be eligible for the prize drawing.
  • The program may be completed as many times as you want! Only one book will be given to each participant, upon signup.

Newborn-Grade 5 Activities

  • Read or be read to for 20 minutes
  • Attend a DMPL program
  • Read a book to, or with, a friend or family member
  • Draw your favorite real or imagined place to read
  • Check out a STEM or Literacy Kit from the library
  • Pretend to be your favorite book character
  • Read or listen to a book outside
  • Help cook something new from a cookbook
  • Write a story, or draw a picture, featuring your favorite book character
  • Build your own cozy reading fort
  • Try a science experiment from a nonfiction book

Grade 6-12 Activities

  • Read or listen to a book for 20 minutes
  • Attend a DMPL program or volunteer at the library
  • Post a book review on the DMPL Teens Goodreads page
  • Write an epilogue for your favorite book character
  • Try a science experiment from a nonfiction book
  • Create a playlist for a book you love
  • Check out a book from a genre you don’t typically read
  • Create a comic with your favorite book characters
  • Use a library resource to explore an area of the world you’ve never visited
  • Cook something new from a cookbook checked out from the library
  • Create a piece of art based on a book


Adult Summer Checkout Challenge

Adults - there's also a challenge for you this summer! Learn more about the DMPL Summer Checkout Challenge.

Adult Summer Reading Challenge