Library by Mail

Library by Mail

Are you or someone you know physically unable to visit the library? We will send books your way! When you are signed up for Library by Mail, you'll have books, CDs, magazines, and more delivered right to your doorstep.

Library by Mail FAQ

Library by Mail brings the library right to your door! All qualifying residents of Des Moines, Windsor Heights, and rural Polk County can receive library materials through the mail free of charge.

You qualify if you are unable to physically access the library and live in Des Moines, Windsor Heights, or rural Polk County. Qualifying reasons include but are not limited to impairment, disability, lack of transportation, and illness

Regular and large print books, audiobooks, CDs, and magazines may be borrowed by mail.

Materials are sent in a reusable mailing bag, so items are limited to what fits in that bag. Requests are made through mail, phone, and email, and you may also allow a librarian to choose items for you.

Items are mailed on a monthly cycle and are due at the end of the cycle. When you receive your items, you’ll also receive a pre-paid bag in which you may mail back your items when done.

Complete a Library by Mail application or sign up digitally at

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