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DMPL Podcast: Graphic Novel Book Picks

Book Chat librarian Alissa joins host Aaron Gernes on the DMPL Podcast to discuss graphic novels. It's a great conversation about some of the wonderful graphic novels that have been released in recent years with something for people of all ages. Apple Podcasts/iTunes | Google Play&n...

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Book Picks: "Dog" Days of Summer

The "Dog Days of Summer" are upon us. Usually the hottest time of year, it's also the perfect time of year for books about dogs (though is there ever a wrong time?) Check out these 12 children's books below and have fun during the "dog days" this year! ...

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You Say You Want a Revolution...

This weekend, our country celebrates Independence Day, marking the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the beginning of the Revolutionary War. The books picked below give you insight into revolutions and independence movements of all kinds, including the Boxer Rebellion in China, the Russ...

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DMPL Podcast: Pride Month Book Picks

On today's DMPL Podcast, librarian Rebecca Cloud, with the Book Chat team, provides some book picks for Pride Month.  Apple Podcasts/iTunes | Google Play | Spotify | Stitcher | Podbean | Download the episode | RSS

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LGBTQ+ Memoirs

Celebrate Pride and hear from members of the LGBTQ+ community and their family and friends about their experiences in their own words. Our Book Chat team has put together this list of memoirs that will make you laugh and cry while being both entertaining and insightful. ...

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Book Picks: Refugee Awareness Month

June is Refugee Awareness Month, and June 20, 2021 is World Refugee Day. People are encouraged to celebrate refugees, their journeys, and the ways they make the communities they resettle in a better place. Our Book Chat team has helped put together lists of books about refugees and their stories on ...

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DMPL Podcast: 7 Questions with Elin Hilderbrand

Host Aaron Gernes chats with AViD author Elin Hilderbrand in preparation for her virtual visit on Wednesday, June 9. Among other things, she talks about what it is about summer that she loves so much, the two moments that changed her career, and what hidden gem she thinks everyone should read. RE...

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Relive the Past with Digital Des Moines Yearbooks

Hundreds of Des Moines Public High School students are donning their gowns and getting ready to toss their hats into the air this weekend as the class of 2021 graduates. Graduation season is a great time to reminisce on your own high school experience, and if you went to a high school in Des Moines,...

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Book Picks: Houseplant Love

Brighten up your home with help from these fifteen books! Let the experts guide you on houseplant care and using houseplants in home design, and learn about the healing power of houseplants. ...

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Staff Spotlight: Rebecca Cloud

This career was never Rebecca Cloud’s original plan. Nor was moving to Iowa, not after growing up in Louisiana and going to college in Portland, OR. But as she handles her duties as a librarian at the South Side Library, it’s clear she enjoys everything she’s doing in Des Moines. “I am so happ...

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AViD: Ibi Zoboi Preview with Jenny and Brooklynn

Jenny Goulden AViD continues next Tuesday, May 11, as Ibi Zoboi graces our computer screens and digital devices on Zoom. Zoboi is a young adult (YA) author and a National Book Award finalist. We asked two of our librarians to discuss what they love about Ibi Zoboi. Jenny Goulden is a Nor...

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