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DMPL Podcast: Favorite Books of 2019

Fav Books

Librarians Carrie Anderson and Sarah Lane join the podcast today to discuss their favorite books of 2019.


Carrie's Books


Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee, by Casey Cep
Carrie's review: Harper Lee fans will love how it delves into her psyche and the history of her writing life. There's a lot of interesting history here too, such as politics of the time in Alabama, and the history of life insurance. Cep tells all of this in a very engaging way.

The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep, by H.G. Parry
Carrie's review: This novel takes place in a world a lot like ours, except for one thing - certain people can bring characters out from books out into the real world. The result is a wonderful book that I recommend for bibliophiles of all types. It's full of wit and swashbuckling adventure, and it has real heart.

Twenty-One Truths about Love, by Matthew Dicks
Carrie's review: This book follows Daniel and Jill Mayrock. Daniel has just quit his job to open up a bookshop when they find out his wife Jill is pregnant. The book has a unique format - it's written from Dan's perspective through his lists. I loved this book. Books written in unusual formats can be gimmicky, but this one is not. It works really well for the story and it holds its own.

Honorable Mention: The Stranger Diaries, by Elly Griffiths


Sarah's Books


Bromance Book Club, by Lyssa Kay Adams
Sarah's review: This was my favorite romance book of the year. It turns the romance genre on its head without talking away any of the heartfelt sentiment you want in a romance book. This book hits you in all the feels while still being realistic and down to earth. I loved hearing men talk about wooing one's wife through communication and emotional depth.

Circe, by Madeline Miller
Sarah's review: Technically this book was published in 2018, but Madeline Miller came to Des Moines as part of AViD in 2019, so I'm counting it. I listened to the audiobook; it is riveting and beautifully narrated.

Finding Dorothy, by Elizabeth Letts
Sarah's review: This book tells of the story of Maude Gage Baum, the real-life wife of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum. Though the book is fiction, Letts weaves nonfiction elements into her writing, creating a truly unique narrative. Finding Dorothy is an engrossing narrative about a little-known woman in history.

Honorable Mention: Code Name: Lise: The True Story of the Woman Who Became WWII's Most Highly Decorated Spy, by Larry Loftis

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Published on December 17, 2019
Last Modified May 30, 2020