Homebound Services


The Homebound Delivery program is a special program for patrons unable visit the library in-person. Volunteers deliver requested items to patrons and return them as well.

Interested patrons may fill out the Homebound Delivery application and either:

  • Email it to reference@dmpl.org
  • OR mail it to:
    • Des Moines Public Library
    • Information Services
    • 1000 Grand Avenue
    • Des Moines, IA 50309

If you're interested in having library books mailed to you, please check out the Library by Mail program.

Homebound Delivery FAQ

Any resident of Des Moines who is homebound due to physical disability or illness is eligible.

Complete a Homebound Delivery application and have it certified, drop it off at any of our library locations or mail it to the following address.

Homebound Services

Des Moines Public Library
1000 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
United States

On a monthly basis, a librarian will select materials based on the patron's requests and interests. The librarian will then contact a volunteer, who will then contact the homebound patron to arrange a pickup/delivery time. In some cases, a family member or friend may do the selection of materials and transport them to the homebound patron.

Items are checked out for approximately one month and have no late fees. Previously checked out items will be picked up by the volunteer to be returned at the time new items are delivered.

Regular and large print books, audiobooks, CDs, and magazines may be borrowed by mail. 

DVDs are not eligible for Homebound delivery, as they involve a fee and shorter checkout period.

You can have a librarian choose your books for you or you can send the Homebound Delivery team your list of requested titles. You can also call the library at 515-283-4152 to have staff look up and order your materials.

Materials are usually delivered on a monthly basis, with exact dates depending on availability of volunteers. When you enroll in the service, you will discuss the schedule with your branch's Homebound Delivery contact.

There will be no late fees or fines on materials checked out through this program. If items are lost or damaged, this will incur fees and a discontinuation of service.


The service is free; however, participants in the Homebound Delivery program are subject to the same loan policy and lost/damage rates as other customers. Please renew or return materials on time and continue to communicate with your Homebound Delivery contact about any potential delays.