Self-Published and Local Author Submission Form


Authors may request the Des Moines Public Library consider adding their title to the library’s collection. Selection will be on an individual basis using the same selection criteria that applies to the rest of the collection. These works will be evaluated by a team of professional and experienced librarians for inclusion into the DMPL collection. 

Per the collection development policy, self-published items will be considered for adult fictional titles and nonfiction works that are poetry, autobiographies, or cookbooks.  

Authors who would like their work considered for the collection must fill out the form below.

If the work is accepted, library staff will reach out to the author within approximately 60 days to request a donation of the book. Acceptance of previous title does not guarantee acceptance of future titles. The library only accepts physical versions of an author's work. We will not accept books in any electronic format.   

Admissions that are not accepted will not hear back within the time period.  

Materials that are donated become the property of the Des Moines Public Library and as such cannot be returned to the donor. The donor of any materials should understand that the library reserves the right to assign a title wherever it is most appropriate or to dispose of the title if it is not needed. 

Due to staffing and time restraints, librarians are not able to meet with authors on an individual basis.  

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Has your book been assigned an ISBN?
Please include links to reviews, your website, any awards the book has won, or anything else that might help us in our decision process. 
Are you a local author?
Preference is given to books by local authors or Iowa connection as long as they meet the other criteria in our policy. 


If the collection team decides that your book fits the guidelines, we will reach out to you within 60 days to request a donation of your book. 
Click here for a link to the library's collection development policy and self-publishing guidelines. 

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