Finding My Voice: Toni Corbett's Quilts

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colorful quilt by Toni Corbett
art quilt by Toni Corbett with adjoining bars of color in perspective so it looks like they're reaching forward and then rising up
art quilt by Toni Corbett with a black background and the words "Black lives matter" in white in one corner and quilted into the surface five other times
quilt by Toni Corbett with sets of stripes in different hues of the same color going from lightest outside to darkest inside or vice versa, and the stripes set off by shapes or outlines in black

Iowa based quilter Toni Corbett will share how she began quilting and the journey she took from traditional quilting to storytelling with fabric and thread. 

Toni is African American, neurodivergent and a military veteran. She had always been a little weird, quirky, and considered a loner.  With so many boxes ticked, Toni often felt alone and overwhelmed with her emotions, thoughts, and ideals. Quilting and other creative mediums became a way to escape. Of course, she shared this beauty on social media. It was here Toni realized her struggles were not solely hers; that which seemed to separate her from some, actually connected her with others. She began to use quilting as something others could relate to…beauty became intention. Toni simply wanted people to know that they were not alone.

In this program, Toni will tell us her story as a quilter, and we'll be able to see some of her work in person.

Toni Corbett


Indoor Program

This program is hosted indoors.  Please observe social distancing and follow local COVID-19 safety mandates. Hand sanitizer will be provided and staff will do their best to ensure any shared materials are disinfected between use. This program is subject to COVID-19 safety protocol updates, including room capacity limits. Please check our website for updates.