Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

A Des Moines Public Library Card is the best $0 you can spend.

How much are you saving by using the library? Use our calculator below to find out. Just plug in what you've checked out in the past 12 months, and you'll see both your annual savings and your monthly savings.

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How Much Have You Saved?

Input Your Use Library Service Library Service Value


$ 0.00


Digital audiobooks on Libby

$ 0.00


Digital books on Libby

$ 0.00


$ 0.00

Physical Audiobook

Audiobooks on CD

$ 0.00

Physical Book

A hardcover or paperback book.

$ 0.00

TV Seasons

DVD box sets or streaming television on Kanopy

$ 0.00
Total Monthly Value of Library Services $ 0.00
Total Annual Value of Library Services $ 0.00