Resin 3-D Printer

Create fun figurines and practical molds using the FormLabs Form 3 resin 3-D printer! It uses liquid resin that it hardens to create detailed plastic objects.

Using the 3-D Printer

In order to use the FormLabs Form 3, you will need to complete the training and sign the Tech Central waiver (you may sign this when you come to the lab).

3-D prints require a long time to create, so we only have one reservation per day. You may come in at any time during the day of your reservation to upload your 3-D print (provided Tech Central is open and available). 

Once the print is uploaded to the printer, you may leave. Someone from the library will email you when your print is ready to pick up.

Sign up for trainings

A photo of figurines printed by the library's Resin 3-D Printer

What You Need

File Type

You will need to have an STL (stereolithography) file to use the printer.


The cost of a print is a $2 base fee and $0.25 per ml of resin used. For example, a print that uses 15 ml of resin would cost $5.75.

  • $2 base fee
  • 15*$0.25 = $3.75
  • $2 + $3.75 = $5.75
Booking time at the 3-D Printer

To book a reservation please call 515-283-4152 or speak with someone at the Info Desk at the Central Library.