Money Smart Week at DMPL

Money Smart Week

Budgeting, building credit, getting the most out of your trip to the grocery store - these are important personal finance skills, but they can also seem overwhelming. It doesn't have to be, though! The Des Moines Public Library is teaming up with the Financial Empowerment Center in Des Moines for a series of financial literary next week during what we're calling Money Smart Week. 

North Side Librarian Jenny Goulden says many families carry debt, not matter their income levels. This debt can create stress and confusion, and these programs can help mitigate those challenges and offer solutions.

"We all dream of winning the lottery, but managing our money on a daily basis can feel overwhelming," says Goulden. "What's a credit score? How do I erase past mistakes? How can I afford to plan for my future when I need to pay my bills today? These Money Smart Week programs offer a good starting point for anyone facing these challenges."

We're covering a whole gambit of topics, including building out a usable budget, trimming your food and grocery budget without sacrificing flavor, starting a small business, improving your credit to help you position yourself for your dream purchase or job, and more. There are programs at several of our branches, as well as online.


Money Management Basics

Learn how to budget better, build and/or reestablish your credit score, and find out how you can move closer to your financial goals


Starting a Small Business

Ever thought about starting your own business? The Financial Empowerment Center's Asset Development Center will share basics of building your own business.


Spend Smart Eat Smart

Looking for ways to trim your food and grocery budget? Join us in-person for a watch part of Iowa State University Extension's Money Smart Week presentation. You'll leave with resources to eat well on a budget.


Credit: Build and Improve It

Is poor credit keeping you from the home, car, or job of your choice? Join us in-person for a watch party of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) webinar. You'll leave with tools to help you monitor and address issues in your credit report.

Published on April 04, 2022
Last Modified August 11, 2022