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Easy-to-Read Books and Decodable Materials

Easy to Read

Decodable books are books that focus on letter sounds and phonic patterns that young readers can "decode." Usually, these books follow a specific sequence of skills that build on each other as a reader develops in skill themselves. These books are especially great for helping develop the skills and confidence of dyslexic and struggling readers.

Decodable books

An selection of decodable books.

For example, an early-level decodable book might only focus on short vowel sounds (the difference between the "a" sound in rat vs race), as well as words that can easily be sounded out, like run, spin, pig, dad, or pot. Early-level decodable books avoid "sight words," words that don't follow normal phonic patterns. These include words like said, sure, laugh, could, and your.


A passage from Who's a Big Bully Then?

The decodable chapter books the library carries are more complex than some of those early readers, but still are written in a way so most of the words can be sounded out, with fewer irregular words. Best of all, there are a variety of plots and subjects! From fun mysteries about vanishing grandmas to a dystopian trilogy about a video game turn to life, there's something for any young reader.

Local organization Decoding Dyslexia Iowa has many resources about dyslexia and advice for parents with dyslexic children, including worksheets in both English and Spanish!

The Great Clown Conundrum

A passage from The Great Clown Conundrum


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Published on February 15, 2021
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