DMPL Podcast: Local Author Beth Hoffman

Beth Hoffman

On the latest episode of the DMPL Podcast, host Aaron Gernes sits down with Beth Hoffman, author of Bet the Farm: The Dollars and Sense of Growing Food in America. The book traces the journey Beth and her husband have taken as they started farming on a 5th generation family farm in south central Iowa. 

Beth was a long-time food and agriculture reporter, covering the industry for 25 years before moving with her husband John to begin operating Whippoorwill Creak Farm. The book explores the challenges they faced as they transitioned the farm from a conventional operation to an organic and grass-fed operation, as well as the challenges faced in making money in agriculture as a whole. 

Mark your calendars: Beth will be at the Central Library on Thursday, July 21, at 5:30 PM!

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Show Notes

Published on July 07, 2022
Last Modified December 02, 2022