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Now Available: Literacy and STEM Kits

Literacy and STEM Kits

The Des Moines Public Library now has Literacy and S.T.E.M. Kits available to borrow. This collection includes books and materials selected by our youth librarians to inspire learning and fun, especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Themes cover many popular topics that are common in storytimes, programs, and favorite titles.

The library has multiple copies of 17 different kits, with different activities for different age groups.

Example of a Simple Steps Kit

Literacy Kits


S.T.E.M. Kits

Ages 0-3 Kits
Ages 3-6 Kits
Ages 6+ Kits

Kits can be placed on hold and picked up at any location. Kits will check out for three weeks and may not be renewed. Find the kits at the links above or click here to see all the kits.

Kit Rules and Guidelines

  • Sets check out for 3 weeks under one person’s library card.
  • Sets may not be renewed.
  • Kits are checked out as a full set, not individual books or items.
  • All materials need to be returned with the set before it will be checked in.
  • A lost book will be charged a replacement fee of $10 for hardcover and $5 for paperback. Toys will be charged on a case by case basis.
  • No overdue fines.
  • The replacement fee for lost or damaged bags will be $5.
  • If an entire set is lost, $50 will be charged for replacement.
  • Kits must be picked up and returned to the front desk during open hours at any location. They cannot be placed in library book drops.