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ACT Test Prep and More: The LearningExpress Library

ACT Test Prep

Standardized tests, like the ACT, SAT, GRE, and others, are a crucial part of taking the next steps in education, careers, and lives. When you’re preparing for the next big test (the next ACT exam is on December 14!), you can find free study tools on the LearningExpress Library at

The LearningExpress Library offers tools that help build academic and career skills at all age levels. High school students can find tutorials for all parts of the ACT, practice tests, and more. With flashcards, word games, and other activities, the LearningExpress Library is a great, free resource for students as they get closer to the big day.


LEL homepage

The LearningExpress Library tutorials provide reviews that break each section of the exam into units and lessons, briefing you on what the exams contains as well as strategies you can use to be successful. These tutorials have quizzes to help you work through topics, and the practice exams can either be taken in a simulated exam process or in a “learner” process. This "learner" format is where you can check answers as you go and learn why you got an answer either right or wrong. Flagging questions for review allows you to jump straight to topics you struggled with later.


MathReview ACT
An example of a practice question.


The LearningExpress Library offers more than just admissions test assistance, however. Students of all ages can take advantage of the school center, which offers skill-building resources for classroom and homework success. Elementary school students will find exercises for math, reading, and writing homework. More skills are added as students move through middle and high school, including social studies, science, technology, and more.


Spanish Resources

The LearningExpress Library also has great resources available in Spanish. Spanish speakers that are learning English will find lessons, eBooks, and other instructional tools to help build their English-language skills. Spanish speakers that are taking the GED will also find a large amount of practice material.



Career Accelerator

There are also great resources available for adults as they advance in their lives and embark on new careers. If you’re preparing for an occupation exam, such as a certification for a health profession, a real estate license, or an exam for a trade, check to see the LearningExpress Library can help. There are more than 50 tutorials for occupation exams in the Career Preparation section. The College Admissions Test Preparation section contains several resources to help with graduation school admissions, such as the LSAT, GRE, MCAT, and more. If it's been awhile since you've been in the job market, the Job & Career Accelerator can help you find your next job, learn about different careers, and give you tips and tricks on resumes, interviews, and more.

Be sure to check out the LearningExpress Library as you and your family strive for success. It's available for free with your library card at

Published on November 19, 2019
Last Modified May 30, 2020