Reduced Services at All DMPL Locations

All Des Moines Public Library locations have reduced in-person services at this time. Browsing will be unavailable, and public computers will only be available at Central Library by appointment. Curbside Pickup will continue at all locations. Go HERE for all the details about this decision and to see our new hours, services, and offerings at each DMPL location.

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DMPL Podcast: Seven Questions with Adam Higginbotham

On the latest DMPL Podcast, AViD author Adam Higginbotham joins us for seven questions! Learn what stories shaped his writing styles, why he found himself at the very very top of the Empire State Building, and what his next book is going to be about. Apple Podcasts/iTunes | Google P...

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Amateur Sleuths: It's Not Their Day Job!

You never know when you’ll have to solve a crime. It could be when you’re bored at home with your sisters, when you’re visiting a researcher’s house to see their collection of plants, or even when you’ve hit a dead end in your Hollywood career. Luckily, these ladies and gentlemen were up for the cal...

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