Annual Report

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We have had an astounding, busy year at the Des Moines Public Library. The primary focus of the year was the launch of our new Ten Year Plan – Plan for Tomorrow. This Plan outlines the library’s key goals and strategic initiatives for the next ten years.

Following its publication, the staff and Library Board of Trustees fervently began developing a process for implementing each objective of the Plan. We identifi ed and scheduled the tasks and strategic initiatives that will need to be accomplished each year. While organizing the rollout of the Plan, a central theme began to emerge among the goals, objectives and tasks that were assembling before us—CONNECTIONS. It became very apparent that the overriding theme of the strategic plan was to enhance our connections with you, the public.

Throughout the last decade, we have established many valuable connections with citizens in the Des Moines area, while providing a multitude of services to our users. Last year alone, we made nearly 2.5 million connections with Des Moines citizens via books, movies, music, programs, information questions, social media pages, database searches, information provided on our Virtual Library’s web page, and more.

Over the next ten years, the Library will continue using its many tools to further enhance our connections with you. At the same time, we will study how we can better serve you. We anticipate that new connections will help us learn how, as an organization, we can provide the informational, educational, and recreational services needed for the future.

Thanks to enhanced and expanded connections with you, we will continue advancing the library’s mission while adapting to the changing needs of the twenty-fi rst century library user. By increasing connections throughout our community, we will further ensure the library continues providing its vital services to everyone in Des Moines.

Connections, it is what we are all about at the Des Moines Public Library.

Director Greg Heid

Greg Heid

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