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Sunday, November 16, 7:00 PM, Hoyt Sherman Place Theater

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Finding Your Home's History

We are asked regularly for historical information on local homes and businesses.  Here is a slideshow by Paula Mohr from the State Historic Preservation Office that will serve as a beginner's guide to researching your historic home.

Spies: In, Out, and About

In recent years, spy shows have been a staple of series television. That followed a long period of their near absence. The last era to feature a major concentration of spy series was the sixties, though many of those shows have never completely gone away!

The Accidental Revelations of Sanborn Maps - A Great Introduction

Have you used the library's collection of Sanborn maps for family history research? They are a great resource for a family historian attempting to identify property owned by ancestors. Sanborn maps can also show the evolution of a city, including residences, businesses, schools, churches, and mining companies (a surprisingly popular topic)...

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