Staff Picks - August 2019

    • All Happy Families
      Jeanne McCulloch

      I just finished this memoir, a lively recounting of the author's experiences as a young bride from a wealthy New York family in the 1980s. - MJD

    • The Bookish Life of Nina Hill
      Abbi Waxman

      From the author of The Garden of Small Beginnings, this is perfectly light and frothy for a stretch of hot summer weather! - Sandy

    • Broken Ice
      Matt Goldman

      Need a break from the heat? In this Minnesota noir mystery. Nils Shapiro, a Twin Cities private investigator, and his partner are hired to look for a missing teen who never returned from a championship high-school hockey game. As bodies start piling up, the clues lead Nils and Ellegaard north to a small, quiet town with many secrets to hide Chilling, well-plotted and witty.

    • The Count of Monte Cristo
      Alexandre Dumas

      A popular bestseller since its publication in 1844, The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the great page-turning thrillers of all time. It recounts the adventures of Edmond Dantès, a dashing young sailor – his wrongful imprisonment, dramatic escape, discovery of hidden treasure and pursuit of revenge.

    • 84, Charing Cross Road
      Helene Hanff

      This charming biography consists of correspondence between New York writer, Helene Hanff and Frank Doel, a used book seller in London. It’s for anyone who loves books, sharing them with friends and who just might be longing for the lost art of written correspondence. This is a delightful, quick read that weighs in at only 97 pages. Check out this book today and enjoy it in an afternoon or two. - Katie M.

    • Forever and Ever, Amen
      Randy Travis

      Travis tells his own story from a not so happy childhood to his superstar country status in a fabulous read. While at the top of his career, he suffered a massive stroke. His bravery in sharing the journey back to health and once again being able to sing, is remarkable. Leading him on the long road to recovery was his wife and many, many Country music singers. A heart-tugging biography. - Luann

    • Lock Every Door
      Riley Sager

      A heart-pounding thriller from the author of Final Girls and The Last Time I Lied. A young woman is paid $4,000 every 3 weeks to apartment sit at a famous building. But then, another young woman disappears from that building and things get sinister. I like the suspense in his books.

    • The Missing of Clairedelune
      Christelle Dabos

      Illusions, treachery, and abductions abound as Ophelia's adventure continues in this teen fantasy series. Her talent as a reader of objects puts her at the center of the court even as other nobles disappear under suspicious circumstances. Savor the spectacular settings, exquisitely rendered characters, and the ever-evolving relationships that bind them.

    • Ordinary Girls
      Blair Thornburgh

      A loose retelling of Sense and Sensibility, this book’s sly humor, easy pace, family hijinks, and focus on the sweet and complicated nature of sisterly devotion make it perfect for YA Contemporary and Austen fans alike. - Katie B.

    • Prep
      Katie Sullivan Morford

      New to the kitchen? Living on your own for the first time? This guide has everything you need to cook real meals with real food. Centered around 10 basic lessons to get you comfortable in the kitchen, you’ll be whipping up meals, snacks, and desserts in no time. Includes notes on knife skills, equipment & pantry essentials.

    • Recursion
      Blake Crouch

      Memory is reality. Right? That is until False Memory Syndrome begins to infect victims with memories of a life they never lived. Now it is up to neuroscientist Helena Smith and New York City cop Barry Sutton to figure out how to stop reality from crumbling around them. This is one of my favorite books of 2019. I devoured it and ignored everything around me to finish this book. - Sarah L.

    • The Run-Out Groove
      Andrew Cartmel

      The Vinyl Detective specializes in finding rare records, but he also has a knack for chasing criminals and getting involved in dangerous situations. Full of humor, music references, and fast-paced, the Vinyl Detective and his friends lead the reader through perilous situations while chasing down rare records. - Katy

    • This Time Will Be Different
      Misa Sugiura

      Wrapped in family drama and light romance, this contemporary teen novel touches on many timely issues. The characters are well drawn and realistic. A great pick if you’re looking for a summer read with substance. - Gen

    • Vessel
      Lisa A. Nichols

      This was a haunting science fiction book that hooked me right away with its intriguing premise. An astronaut comes back to earth after being gone for 10 years. She's alone on her ship with no memory of what happened to the rest of the crew or why she has been gone so long. She must deal with the consequences of being presumed dead and try to regain her memory.