Grades K-1st

    • Angry Cookie
      Laura Dockrill

      Cookie has woken up on the wrong side of the bed and is very angry. You want to know why? Well, you'd have to keep reading to find out, but now Cookie's calling you annoying and telling you to mind your own business.

    • Beware the Crocodile
      Martin Jenkins

      Explore an informative, playfully illustrated story about one of the world's most dangerous animals: the crocodile.

    • This Book is Spineless
      Lindsay Leslie

      This interactive picturebook explores overcoming fear with a very cowardly narrator. It encourages children to explore their senses through touch, sight, taste and sound.

    • Cake
      Sue Hendra

      Cake has been invited to his very first birthday party! He buys just the right outfit including the perfect hat. But as the candles on his perfect party hat begin to burn, and the other party guests start to sing, Cake starts to think that this is one party he'd rather not be at.

    • Circle
      Mac Barnett

      This book is about Circle. This book is also about Circle's friends, Triangle and Square. Also it is about a rule that Circle makes, and how she has to rescue Triangle when he breaks that rule

    • Flower Talk
      Sara Levine

      This new book from Sara Levine features a cantankerous talking cactus as a narrator, revealing to readers the significance of different colors of flowers in terms of which pollinators (bees, bats, birds, etc.) different colors "talk" to.

    • The Good Egg
      Jory John

      Meet the good egg. He's a verrrrrry good egg indeed. But trying to be so good is hard when everyone else is plain ol' rotten.

    • The Happy Book
      Andy Rash

      Camper live in The Happy Book, the world is full of daisies and sunshine and friendship cakes . . . until your best friend eats the whole cake and doesn't save you one bite. Moving from happiness to sadness and everything in between, Camper and Clam have a hard time finding their way back to happy. But maybe happy isn't the goal-being a good friend is about supporting each other and feeling all the feels together.

    • How to Give Your Cat a Bath
      Nicola Winstanley

      In this hilarious and clever "how-to," a little girl and a know-it-all narrator are thwarted by a cat who refuses to take a bath. The perfect read-aloud for fans of Snappsy the Alligator and Interrupting Chicken .

    • I just Ate my Friend
      Heidi McKinnon

      A creature has eaten his friend. Now he's on a journey to find a new one with hilarious consequences in this bright, subversive debut picture book. Heidi McKinnon delivers a hilariously macabre story with colorful illustrations and a satisfying, dry wit

    • You Don't Want a Unicorn!
      Ame Dyckman

      This rollicking story shares all of the ways a pet unicorn can ruin your life, and is sure to have readers in stitches with its vibrant and funky illustrations.

    • We Don't Eat Our Classmates
      Ryan T. Higgins

      Despite all the chomping, the bright colors and deceptively adorable dinosaurs make this a fun read rather than a scary one, with a hidden lesson about boundaries. Too much fun for a single read!

    • What If...? Then We...?
      Rebecca Kai Dotlich

      Two polar bear friends have a thrilling adventure as they imagine solutions to a variety of possible situations; their story will show readers how to create their own tales in response to the question "What if...?" in this ingenious picture book.

    • The Unbudgeable Curmudgeon
      Matthew Burgess

      Have you ever seen a curmudgeon that looks like your brother, but is in such a bad mood you hardly recognize him? You can try all the peanut butter sandwiches and brownies you have, but he is not moving.

    • A Very Late Story
      Marianna Coppo

      Have you ever opened a book, only to discover that the characters inside already know they're inside of one? All that's left for them to do now is wait for the story to arrive, but it's certainly taking its time in getting here.