Donor's Words

We Love Our Donors!

2017 year-end donor, Sherry Thorn, shared this inspiring letter.

“I’ve been using the DM Public Library since I was 10 years old and started riding my bike downtown to the main library. I remember going downstairs to the children’s section, sitting on the floor and reading every horse book I could find.

Adult years were spent in the stacks upstairs on those creaky wood floors and looking books up in the card file in the middle of the floor.

I also learned how to say “Good Morning” in Russian by calling the Reference Desk.

Old days are gone – technology has taken over – but I have great memories and have probably read thousands of books. I still get 2 – 3 a week and will until I can’t any more.

Here’s a small donation. Maybe it will get another 10 year-old interested in horses.”