Thank You! We Love Our Donors!

Without the support of community contributors, the DMPL Foundation would not be able to add value to your library experience by enhancing the Library services, collection and programs. Please help us thank the following donors.

Thank You! We Love Our Donors!

  • Polk County Board of Supervisors, $4,750, for 2019 Summer Reading and School Readiness Programs
  • Prairie Meadows, $8,500, for 2019 Summer Reading and School Readiness Programs
  • West Bank Foundation, $1,000, for Technology Fund
  • Libraries Lead with Google, $1,000 Grant
  • Nationwide, $10,000 for 2020 Summer Reading and School Readiness Programs, and $10,000 for 2020 AViD

Thank You to Our Donors

The following donations were received by the Des Moines Public Library Foundation from January 28-April 26, 2019. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us, and we will make corrections.

In Memory of


Evelyn Adams Benson

Benson Family Foundation


Leah Blair

Linda Blair


Marcia and Leo Harrington

Jo Cox


Jeffrey Hockett

James Walrath and Mary Ward


Marion Johnson

Paul E. Johnson


Joanie Lien

Marci Behm

Tina Brooks

Deborah Cox

Sandy Deyoe

Carolyn Greufe

Brenda Hall

Nikki Hayter

Jan Kaiser

Chris Knox

Kathy Leonard

Cathy Newton

Richard Nordin

Linda Roe

Kris Sheaffer

Burke Shiffler

Carla Tibboel

Sue Woody


Cornelia Montgomery

Carolyn Hunter


Richard H. Opie

Kathryn Griffin


Diane Schupp

Ann Aiello and Margaret Carson

Barbara Amend

Judith and Arthur Andersen

Christine Bening

Benjamin Brinck

Michael Broderick

Philip and Susan Crum

Amy and Tom Donnelly

Joyce Downing

Carol and Mark Engebretson

Barbara Graham

Alison Heil

Dorothy and Harlan Hockenberg

Carolyn Hunter

Ann Irvine

Theresa and Randall Jackson

Anne Kelly

John and Chris McCambridge

William Millard

Kandyce Moen

Idene and Charles Perkins

Judith Pruchnicki

Anne Quinlan

Mike and Judy Quinn

Marlene Sarby

Linda and Victor Scott

M.A. Vickers

Diana and John Wehr

Debora Wiley

Amy and Murray Williams


Edward Susanin

Christine Bening

BP Real Estate Group

Ellen and John Burnquist

Mike Carney

Jann Freed and John Fisher

Jane Flanagan

Anne and Dave Gaer

Marchelle Gage

Kyle Gorres

Barbara Graham

Jane and David Hemminger

Heather Hook

Susy and Bruce Kelley

Mike Lamair

Lisa Leonard

Caroline Levine

Bill and Kristi Lozier

Kristin Maletta

Margaret Maloney

Sheila and Kent Mauck

Melissa McCollum

Melissa McCoy

Polly Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Neumann

LuAnn and William Newland

Max Palmer

Jaki Samuelson

Kalon Sarby

Paul Scott and Shawn Burke

Six Degrees of Separation Board

Mary, Jeff and Sara Sparling

Julie and James Spellman

Sarah Spellman

Judith Sulentic

David Suntken

Dave Swift

Connie Thompson

Jennifer Vrban Latch and Jason Latch

Rhonda and Dr. Daniel Waller

Cynthia Wanamaker

Debora Wiley

Chad Zirbel


Devon Walker

Donna and Ronald Walker


In Honor of Richard Nordin

Jean Basinger


Matching Gifts

Wellmark Foundation: In Honor of Frank and Susan Stork


Wells Fargo


Work Place Giving Programs

City of Des Moines Employees

Nationwide Employees

Principal Employees

State of Iowa Employees

Wells Fargo Employees




Up to $99


Richard Atterbury

Carol Bakkie

Lee Basquin-Smith and David Smith

Mary Benton

Thomas Biedenfeld

Beth and Chris Bice

Susan Breen-Held and Steven Held

Colleen and Larry Breheny

Gregory Burley Brown

Gabriel Butruille

Inez Busch

Pamela Colschen Braune

Jennifer Cooley

Mary Ellen Corll

Angelique Damstrom

Sandra Deyoe

Morgan Dickerson

John Domini

Mark Elliott

Taena Fowler

Carolyn Friesen

Matthew Gilbertson

Joe and Rose Hansen

Adam Hardaway

Valerie Hermanstorfer

Deanna Jackson

Kathleen Jarnagin

Katherine Jones

Bhooshan Karnik

Veronica Kirk

Deborah Knight

Karen Kuhn

Caroline Levine

Brenda Luster

Kathleen and Jim Lyons

Gail McKean

Maria Meyer

Kristi and Kevin Miller

Lindsey Moltenhauer

Sandy and Richard Nauman

Pamela Patton

Jackie Porter

Jennifer Perry

Wendy Poush

Kay Pudil

Carol Roge

Ann and Stephen Schodde

Barbara Scholz

Nicole Shalla

Virginia Smith

Martha Squire

Andrea and Jason Stark

Jeff Stein

Katherine Stearns

Kathie Swift

Jaqueline Thompson

Tyler Timko

Brian Wirt

Shelley Wolfe


$100 - $249

Belinda Alexander

Diana and Gary Babberl

Lee Ann Bakros

Mary Bartine

Cassie Bonefas

Jane Brimmer

Tracy Codel

Terri Combs and Tom Swartwood

Confluence, Inc.

Stephanie and Steve DeVolder

Karen Downing and Jeff Marks

Art and Nancy Dunbar

Deidre Fudge and Barbara Royal

Tim Hickman and Frank Vaia

Robert Hornbrook

Michael Hutney

Jody Ingersoll

Barbara John

Ann Klein

Luhrs Family Fund

Susan and James Meimann

Robert McLearen, Jr.

Paul and Kathleen Melde

Michael Morrison

Louise and William Moulder

Bill and Joan Nassif Family Fund

Mary and Brian Porter

Samuel Reed

Linda and Steve Roe

Lorraine Roge-Jones

Mark Siebert

Martha and Stephen Stephenson

Sydney Royal-Welch

Neal Westin

Sue and Mike Woody

Ellen Yee


$250 - $499

Dory Briles

Franklin and Tracy Codel

Gerald Feuerhelm

Maureen Mondora

Isobel Osius


$500 - $999

Corporate Image

Judith Jaastad

Sara and Darin Jensen

Cory McAnelly

Meredith Corporation

Sarah Riley

Maryanne and Robert Sobiech


$1,000 - $9,999


Pamela Bass-Bookey and Harry Bookey

Dr. Richard Deming

EMC Insurance

Sasha and Michael Kamper

Lauridsen Family Endowment

Barbara and Bruce Martin

MidAmerican Energy Company

Sue Rutledge and J.C. (Buz) Brenton

Karen Shaff and Steven Jayne

Maryanne and Robert Sobiech

Deborah and Douglas West

Nancy Woods


$10,000 - $49,999

American Enterprise Group

The Bright Foundation



Belinda Alexander

Bottle & Bottega

Dory Briles

Casey’s General Store

Classic Events & Parties

Andrea Elliott

Get Air Trampoline Park

Deb and Toby Gordon

Sasha and Michael Kamper

Kum & Go


Panera Bread of Iowa

Pole Position Raceway

QuikTrip Corporation

Samuel Reed

Karen Shaff and Steve Jayne

Martha and Stephen Stevenson

Kathie Swift

Susan and Carl Voss