Delinquent Borrowers, Bill Collection and Bankruptcy

Delinquent Borrowers

Borrowing privileges are blocked if:

  • Account charges exceed $10.00
  • The borrower has five or more overdue items
  • The borrower exceeds the maximum number of items which may be borrowed at one time
  • Five items have been claimed returned

Parents or guardians of children under the age of eighteen are responsible for returning materials the child borrows or paying fines incurred by the child.

Individuals who have had debt discharged under bankruptcy must still return library materials and pay library fines before their borrowing privileges are restored.

Bill Collection

Customer bills of $25 or more are sent for collection to a library collection agency either 44 (DVDS) or 62 calendar days after items go overdue. These accounts are charged an additional $10 collection fee. Fines-only accounts are sent 62 days after the account reaches $25 owed.

Customers who contact the library after accounts have been sent for collection may arrange a payment plan. If payments are not made according to schedule, the account will be returned to the agency for further action which may include credit reporting.


The library receives an initial notice when a borrower has filed for bankruptcy and has listed the library as a creditor.

Upon receiving the filing notice the library collection agency will automatically suspend contact with the customer until notified whether the bankruptcy was granted (discharged) or denied (dismissed). The agency will resume contact for the overdue account if notified that the account was not granted bankruptcy protection (dismissed).

Library fees and lost item charges are waived from borrower accounts. Library fines are NOT waived.

Customer accounts that have been credit reported will remain on the credit report but be updated with a bankruptcy status.