Card Renewals, Changes of Address, Lost and Stolen Cards

Card Renewals

  • Borrowers will be asked to update address information annually.
  • Library cards come up for renewal every third year.
  • Expired library cards will be purged from the database if not used for three years and there are no blocks.
  • Cards for temporary borrowers expire after 90 days.
  • Cards can be renewed in person or by calling (515) 283-4152.

Changes of Address

  • Borrowers must provide documentation to verify address changes. A current driver’s license or state ID card with correct current address will meet this requirement.

Acceptable proof of permanent address:

  • Billing statement received at the address
  • A check with printed address
  • Voter registration card
  • Rental agreement
  • Car registrations

Lost and Stolen Cards

  • A lost or stolen card should be promptly reported to the DMPL.
  • A $1.00 fee is charged to replace lost cards that have not expired.
  • There is no replacement fee to replace a stolen card.
  • Identification is required to replace lost or stolen cards.