DMPL Podcast: 'The Saboteur' Author Paul Kix

Kix and Saboteur

Iowa native Paul Kix joins us on the DMPL Podcast today. Kix, who grew up in Hubbard, is the author of The Saboteur. The book details the life of Robert de La Rochefoucauld, a French aristocrat-turned-resistance fighter in WWII. During the podcast, Kix talks about:

  • Finding out about La Rochefoucauld's life in an obituary and creating a book proposal.
  • Why La Rochefoucauld's wild story hadn't been told to English audiences yet.
  • Working with French sources to follow-up and confirm extraordinary details while knowing a limited amount of French.
  • How he wrote the book 500 words at a time while continuing his full-time job as deputy editor at ESPN: The Magazine.
  • The most unbelievable parts of La Rochefoucauld's life - and there were several to choose from.

You can find more of Kix's work, including magazine stories and other long-form pieces, at his website,

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