8 Things to do on the RBDigital App

Acorn TV

You probably know about ​​​​​​the Libby app, a great resource for eBooks and eAudiobooks available to Des Moines Public Library patrons. There's another app you can utilize that has not just audiobooks, but a plethora of digital media you can use anytime, anywhere. Here's just a sample of what you can do on RBDigital app.



  1. Watch Murdoch Mysteries using Acorn TV

William Murdoch is on the case. Follow the clever, observant detective uses quirky techniques like blood spatter and finger prints to catch crooks in late Victorian-era Toronto. The show is based on the popular Detective Murdoch novels written by Maureen Jennings. It's one of hundreds of shows and movies on Acorn TV, including more than 5,000 hours of content. Log into Acorn TV through RBDigital. 

  1. Listen to the Outlander series, exclusively on RBDigital

Outlander Books

The classic Diana Gabaldon novels featuring Claire Beauchamp, the time-traveling nurse that finds adventure, war, and romance two centuries in the past. The Outlander series finished second in the Great American Read on PBS. It’s available in eAudiobook format exclusively on RBDigital, where we offer hundreds of other audiobooks. 

  1. Read a comic written by a National Book Award winner

Black Panther Comic

New York Times best-selling author Ta-Nehisi Coates presents the adventures of Wakanda’s greatest hero in Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet. Learn how T’Challa fights for the fate of his nation over the course of three volumes. It's just a few of the 100+ titles you can read - all available to check out for free on RBDigital.

  1. Learn about the world around us with an issue of Popular Science

Popular Science Issue

From the patterns of nature to the nature of language, Popular Science examines the way humans interact with the world. Read this or more than 100 other eMagazines available for free anytime on the RBDigital app.

  1. Enjoy a Beyoncé concert from your couch using Qello

Billboard magazine calls Qello “a super-hip Netflix for concert films and music documentaries.” Watch Beyoncé put on a show in England, see Queen tear down Montreal, watch Bruce Springsteen rock out in New York City, and more.

  1. Learn about the inventions that changed the world from The Great Courses

From the Potter’s Wheel to the Internet, learn how technology shaped history. It’s just one of dozens of lectures available from experts and professors on The Great Courses. Learn more about science, health and nutrition, history, and much more. All this knowledge is available for free through RBDigital.

  1. Support an independent filmmaker by watching IndieFlix


IndieFlix has a massive collection of independent films, classic TV shows, moving documentaries, and more. You never know if the movie you’re streaming was created by the next Martin Scorsese or Ava DuVernay. Watch these films for free through RBDigital.

  1. Immerse Yourself in Spanish by using Pongalo


Whether you’re a Spanish speaker or you’re learning the language, Pongalo is the place to be. With a collection of telenovelas and dubbed movies, it’s been described as “Netflix for Latinos.” Watch Ace Ventura, Major League, Robin Hood, and more through RBDigital.

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