5 Things to Watch on Acorn TV


Anytime is the right time to check out Acorn TV. The "Netflix for British Shows" is free with your Des Moines Public Library card (residency restrictions apply), and they add new shows and episodes each Monday. Check out the shows that are on right now, and mark your calendars to watch the new shows coming soon.

Watch Right Now:

Food is serious business, but this series takes a lighter approach to the subject. Leo (Iain Glen) is a talented celebrity chief with a bit of a secret – he built his career off the recipes of his now ex-wife, Gina (Dawn French). After stealing from and cheating on Gina, Leo is now married to Sam (Emilia Fox), but is cheating on her… with Gina. This hilarious series clocks in at 12 episodes with a barn-burning twist in the first one, making it a great option for your next binge session.

Lost Kingdoms of AfricaLost Kingdoms of Africa
British curator and historian Gus Casely-Hayford leads us on a tour of ancient Africa to discuss the often-overlooked civilizations that once dominated the region. Over four episodes, Casely-Hayford examines the Nubians of Egypt, the long history of Ethiopia, Great Zimbabwe, and the competing powers in West Africa. As archeologists have uncovered the remains of pre-colonial Africa, this series casts new light on the long-neglected art, architecture, and technology of historic African societies.

Newton’s Law
Go down under with a quirky and witty legal drama set in Australia. Newton’s Law, starring Australian actress Claudia Karvan, combines a case-of-the-week courtroom drama with a peculiar workplace comedy. The result is lots of laughs and lots of eyebrow-raising moments. The New York Times compared the show to CBS’s The Good Wife; albeit a more humorous, less stoic version. The series is just eight episodes long, so it makes for a quick, fun weekend binge or a nice week-long watch.

Coming Soon:

London Kills

London Kills  - February 25
This Acorn TV original has a lot of buzz behind it. Hugo Speer starts as Detective Inspector David Bradford. As the series opens, Bradford is back in charge of a London murder team for the first time since his wife disappeared – a case that remains unsolved. The show is shot documentary-style on the streets of London, focusing on a new murder each week. Tune in as this group of top-notch detectives take on puzzling cases while dealing with their own personal demons.

Manhunt - March 11
The biggest television event of the year in the UK is crossing the pond on Acorn TV. Manhunt is a three-part miniseries based on real life events that occurred in London in 2004. Martin Clunes stars as Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton. After a young French woman dies from head injuries, Sutton is assigned to the case. He begins making connections to other unsolved cases, and the investigation closes in on a middle-aged small business owner who has secrets beyond imagination. 

To learn more about how to access Acorn TV for free with your Des Moines Public Library card, go to dmpl.org/acorntv.