This Is Us

    • Commonwealth
      Ann Patchett

      How a chance encounter reverberates through the lives of four parents and six children over five decades. A tender tale of the far-reaching ties of love and responsibility that bind us together.

    • Family Trust
      Kathy Wang

      Struggling to fulfill a terminally ill father's final bequest, a privileged Chinese-American family in Silicon Valley is forced to contend with the realities of their ambitions and actual desires.

    • First Comes Love
      Emily Giffen

      The Garland sisters followed different paths in life after having lived through a tragedy. As the anniversary of the tragedy approaches, the two women must confront the issues that separate them and come to terms with the decisions they've made. This is a story of family, friendship, and the courage to follow your own heart—wherever it may lead.

    • The High Season
      Judy Blundell

      Forced to rent out her family's beautiful seaside Long Island home every summer just so that they can afford to keep it, Ruthie is forced to go to extreme lengths to protect the life she loves in the wake of a suddenly estranged marriage, greedy co-workers who are threatening her job, the return of an old flame and her teen daughter's destructive relationship.

    • A Hundred Small Lessons
      Ashley Hay

      Over the course of one hot Brisbane summer, two families’ stories intersect in sudden and unexpected ways.

    • The Last Romantics
      Tara Conklin

      It begins in a big yellow house with a funeral, an iron poker, and a brief variation forever known as the Pause: a free and feral summer in a middle-class Connecticut town. Caught between the predictable life they once led and an uncertain future that stretches before them, the Skinner siblings--fierce Renee, sensitive Caroline, golden boy Joe and watchful Fiona--emerge from the Pause staunchly loyal and deeply connected. Two decades later, the siblings find themselves once again confronted with a family crisis that tests the strength of these bonds and forces them to question the life choices they've made and ask what, exactly, they will do for love.

    • Maybe in Another Life
      Taylor Jenkins Reid

      Feeling transient at twenty-nine, Hannah goes out with friends one night and runs into an old boyfriend, but when she is given the choice between leaving the bar and staying, two concurrent storylines follow the outcomes of both decisions.

    • Next Year in Havana
      Chanel Cleeton

      A freelance writer returns to her grandmother’s homeland to fulfill her last wish to have her ashes scattered in Havana and discovers her family history amidst Cuba’s tropical beauty and dangerous political environment.

    • The Ninth Hour
      Alice McDermott

      An Irish immigrant's suicide, though it’s never spoken of, reverberates through innumerable lives in a Catholic section of Brooklyn from the early part of the twentieth century and through the decades that follow. Among them are his widow and then unborn child, the nuns who serve the community, and the neighborhood families whose lives are entwined.

    • The Precious One
      Marisa De los Santos

      Taisy hasn’t seen her father since he dumped her family to start another one 17 years ago. So why has he invited her to visit now…and help him write his memoir? A captivating novel of friendship, second chances, and the redemptive power of love with smart, funny characters who form an unconventional family.

    • A Separation
      Katie Kitamura

      Separating from her faithless husband, only to be drawn into the investigation of his disappearance, a young woman travels to a remote region of the southern Peloponnese, where she traces the failure of the relationship and discovers how little she knew about the man she once loved.

    • A Spool of Blue Thread
      Anne Tyler

      "It was a beautiful, breezy, yellow-and-green afternoon. . ." This is how Abby Whitshank always begins the story of how she fell in love with Red that day in July 1959.

    • Trust Exercise
      Susan Choi

      Falling in love while attending a competitive 1980s performing arts high school, David and Sarah rise through the ranks before the realities of their family dynamics and economic statuses trigger a spiral that impacts their adult lives.

    • The Wangs vs. the World
      Jade Chang

      An outrageously funny tale about a wealthy but dysfunctional Chinese immigrant family that has it all, only to lose every last cent. Mad at America, Wang, a brash but lovable immigrant businessman takes his family on a cross-country road trip that, despite a few harrowing twists and turns, eventually brings them back together again.

    • The Year We Turned Forty
      Liz Fenton

      This heartwarming and hilarious novel features three best friends who get the chance to return to the year they turned forty—the year that altered all of their lives, in ways big and small—and also get the opportunity to change their future.